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Series Character: Lieutenant Valcour

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder De Luxe Parsons 1927 DW 7/6. US: Mystery De Luxe
The Fatal Kiss Mystery Doubleday 1928 No UK edition
Murder by the Clock Hall 1929 Apr 29. DW 7/6
A Woman is Dead Hall 1929 Sept 29. DW 7/6. US: Somewhere in this House
Murder by Latitude Heinemann 1931 DW 7/6
Murder in the Willet Family Doubleday 1931 No UK edition
Murder on the Yacht Hamilton 1932 DW 7/6
Valcour Meets Murder Doubleday 1932 No UK edition
The Lesser Antilles Case Doubleday 1934 No UK edition
Profile of a Murder Brace 1935 No UK edition
The Case of the Constant God Methuen 1938 Jan 38. DW 7/6
Crime of Violence Methuen 1938 Sept 38. DW 7/6. Artwork by Micklewright
Murder Masks Miami Methuen 1939 DW 7/6
Holiday Homicide Methuen 1941 DW 7/6
Diagnosis Murder Methuen 1942 DW 8/-
Design in Evil Doubleday 1942 No UK edition
A Variety of Weapons Doubleday 1943 No UK edition
The Deadly Dove Doubleday 1945 No UK edition
The Case of the Dowagers Etchings Methuen 1946 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Museum Piece No 13 Doubleday 1946 No UK edition
Lethal Lady Doubleday 1947 No UK edition
The Case of the Redoubled Cross Doubleday 1949 No UK edition
Duenna to a Murder Methuen 1951  
Malice in Wonderland Doubleday 1958 No UK edition
The Steps to Murder Doubleday 1960 No UK edition
The Faces of Danger Doubleday 1964 No UK edition

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Further Information
Rufus King was born in New York on 3rd January 1893. His series character was Lieutenant Valcour, a French-Canadian serving in the New York Police Department. Apart from A woman is Dead, the US editions precede their UK counterparts. Numerous titles were not published in the UK at all. There are three known uncollected short stories, a couple of non-criminous novel and three stage plays.


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