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Robert Dietrich Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

Robert Dietrich aka E. Howard Hunt

Robert Dietrich Series Character: Steve Bentley

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Robert Dietrich Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Cheat Pyramid Books 1954 "The shocking story of an unfaithful spouse"
One for the Road Pyramid Books 1954 Book set in Florida
"He worked the rich racket"
Be My Victim Dell Books 1956 "Live bait for a death trap"
Murder on the Rocks Dell 1957 UK: 1958 Ward Lock, a hardcover book
Book set in Washington D.C.
The House on Q Street Dell 1959 Cover artwork by Robert McGinnis
A Steve Bentley thriller
End of a Stripper Dell 1959 "Her body was on display . . in the morgue!"
Murder on Her Mind Dell 1960 Dell B163. Softcover original
"She was a lush latin woman"
Mistress to Murder Dell 1960 Dell B162
"High society and a deadly girl"
Steve Bentley's Calypso Caper Dell 1961 Dell B182. Cover artist Tom Miller
Backdrop, Virgin Islands
The weather was hot, the women hotter!"
Angel Eyes Dell 1961 "She died the way she lived"
Curtains for a Lover Lancer 1961 "He made love to one woman too many"
My Body Lancer 1962 Reissued by Lancer in 1973 as by E. Howard Hunt
Book set in Nassau
"She could offer a man everything but love"

UK Hardback First Edition. Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Robert Dietrich Author Biography - Information About the Author
Robert Dietrich is a pseudonym of the (in)famous E. Howard Hunt born 1918 amd died 2007.
His books under the pen name Robert Dietrich are featured in Hubin.
There's plenty online about this author so we'll confine ourselves to his first edition books under this pen name.
The original first edition books are paperback originals first published in America, the only UK edition we can find is duly noted, it's a hardcover with dust jacket.
The books are important in the genre and sought after by collectors, they are not as common as you'd imagine given they're softcover books.

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