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Other Pseudonyms
John Creasey
Gordon Ashe
Margaret Cooke
ME Cooke
Henry St John Cooper
Norman Deane
Kyle Hunt
Patrick Gill
Michael Halliday
JJ Marric
Peter Manton
Jeremy York
Anthony Morton
William K Reilly
Tex Riley
Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Mark Kirby Solves a Murder Pocket Books 1959 UK: 1959 Collins as R.I.S.C
Mark Kirby and the Secret Syndicate As Above 1960 UK: 1963 Collins
Mark Kirby and the Miami Mob As Above 1960 UK: 1965 Collins
The Hollywood Hoax Pocket Books 1961 UK: 1964 Collins
Mark Kirby Stands Alone As Above 1962 UK: 1965 Collins, as Manhattan Murders
Mark Kirby Takes a Risk Pocket Books 1962  

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Robert Caine Frazer aka John Creasey.

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