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Richard Essex
Series Character: Lessinger and John Slade

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
Pseudonym of Richard Starr
Only the first two book were published in the US, rest UK only
The British Library are holding the last title Girl in Black but the date and publisher is suspicious
162 pages, published in 1966 in Oxford by Tallis suggests a retitled reissue of an earlier book
UK first editions in jacket are rare and collectable, books follow the usual HJ format
That is to say, orange cloth/boards and black titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Slade of the Yard Herbert Jenkins 1932 US: 1933 McBride
Slade Scores Again Herbert Jenkins 1933 US: 1933 McBride
Lessinger Comes Back Herbert Jenkins 1935 Orange cloth black titles
Murder in the Bank Herbert Jenkins 1936
Marinova of the Secret Service Herbert Jenkins 1937 Orange cloth black titles
Dust jacket priced 7/6
Lessinger Laughs Last Herbert Jenkins 1938 Orange cloth black titles
Dust jacket priced 7/6
Assisted By Lessinger Herbert Jenkins 1939
The Girl in Black Tallis Press 1966 Reissue? See above

Dust Jacket Artist: Alex Jardine

Richard Essex Sample Synopsis
Lessinger Laughs Last is a novel that moves smoothly and rapidly along its ap-pointed path, with the suave Lessinger more than once taxed to the limit of his skill and resourcefulness. He throws away a fortune in a beer bottle, and the subse-quent adventures of that beer bottle are bizarre and startling enough to thrill even the most blasé reader of thrillers. And there are other unforgettable por-traits in this book—Toni Ferrari, American gang boss and racketeer, looking for a soft time in England ; Esteban Romero, the dope-crazed killer, who carries a " Tommy" gun in a suit-case ; Slippery Anne, gangster's woman ; Serpolet, darning ladders in her stockings ; and of course, the ever-welcome McGoorty of Scotland Yard. This is the best Lessinger story Mr. Essex has given us since Slade of the Yard. .

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