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Covers and Examples

We have put together a sample of Reginald Heade's work below
His work is simply stunning and we shall be adding to this section in due course
With the paperback pulp fiction titles dating can be tricky and many were reissued using the same or similar artwork
When the artwork is the same we've tended to stick to the first version published, not always first editions though.
Some titles were published some years earlier in hardcover - there are hardbacks listed in this list when applicable
We have now finished this list and invite additions !
We have stuck mainly to mystery - thriller type titles because of the site. Also C.Y. Webb titles not yet included.
There are some Panther paperbacks not included - please see bottom of list for submission details - thank you

Reginald Heade was born Reginald Cyril Webb, 1901 in London and died in 1957
Hyperlinked titles in blue, click to see the cover artwork

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Tony Angelo - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Sinner's Shroud Archer 1951  
Satan's Sister Archer 1951  
Honey Hold That Scream Harborough 1952 Also Leisure Library different artwork

Mary Archer

Title Publisher Date Notes
What No Witnesses R&L Locker 1949  

Eugene Ascher - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
There Were No Apser Ladies Robin Hood 1946

Ruby M Ayres

Title Publisher Date Notes
And Still They Dream Hodder & Stoughton 1939 Reprints keep same artwork

Faith Baldwin - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Rehearsal for Love Pocket Book 1951  

Philip Beaufoy Barry

Title Published By Date Notes
Mystery of the Blue Diamond Nelson 1954  

Tony Barton - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Think Faster Harborough 1952  

Jens Bjerre

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Last Cannibals Pan Paperback 1958  

Ursula Bloom

Title Publisher Date Notes
Alien Corn Hamilton 1947  

Rosalind Brett - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Secret Marriage R&L Locker 1947  

Benson Cabot

Title Publisher Date Notes
Blue Smoke for My Lovely Hamilton c1950  

Bart Carson

Title Publisher Date Notes
Death Wore Scanties 1950  

Barbara Cartland

Title Publisher Date Notes
Escape from Passion Robert Hale 1945  

Leslie Charteris

Title Publisher Date Notes
Alias the Saint Pan Paperback 1954  

Mary Clare

Title Publisher Date Notes
White Man's Slave Archer 1949  

Louis Arthur Cunningham

Title Publisher Date Notes
Sultry Love Archer 1950  

Warwick Deeping

Title Publisher Date Notes
Man in Chains Cassell 1953  

Rob Eden

Title Publisher Date Notes
Golden Goddess R&L Locker 1947  

William J Elliott

Title Publisher Date Notes
And Worms Have Eaten Them Harborough 1950 1st Gerald Swan 1940
The Demon of Desire Harborough 1950 As above- these don't have Heade covers
Lost Souls in Bohemia Harborough 1950 Swan 1941 UK first edition
Shipwreck Passion Harborough 1950 Swan [1940]

Loula Grace Erdman

Title Publisher Date Notes
Lonely Passage Hodder and Stoughton 1950  

R.C. Finney

Title Publisher Date Notes
Honeymoon Murder Moore 1947  

Pierre Flammeche - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Silken Lure Archer 1949  
Spoiled Lives Ditto 1950  
When Passion Rules Ditto 1950  

Lee Floren

Title Publisher Date Notes
Blizzard Guns Archer 1948  

Juan Garcia

Title Publisher Date Notes
Girl of the Bordellos Archer 1954  

Erle Stanley Gardner

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Case of the Black Eyed Blonde Cassell 1948  
The Case of the Gold Digger's Purse Cassell 1948  
The Case of the Half Wakened Wife Cassell 1949  
The DA Breaks a Seal Cassell 1950  

George Goodchild

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Eternal Conflict Archer 1950  

Frances Hanna

Title Publisher Date Notes
Be Sure it's Love Archer 1948  

David Hume

Title Publisher Date Notes
Mick Cardby Works Overtime Collins 1944  

Vida Hurst

Title Publisher Date Notes
Half Moon Bay Pictorial Art Limited 1947  

Hank Janson

Please see our Hank Janson Bibliography for full list

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Jane with the Green Eyes Gaywood 1950  
Accused Ditto 1952  
Suspense Ditto 1952  
Persian Pride Ditto 1952 Not signed
Vengeance Ditto 1953

Alan Kennington

Title Publisher Date Notes
desireable Alien RL Locker 1947  

John king

Title Publisher Date Notes
Shuna and the Lost Tribe Harborough 1951  
Shuna White Queen of the Jungle As Above 1951  

Henri Lamonte - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Lost Sould Archer 1953  
A Broken Butterfly Archer 1953  

Perry Lindsay

Title Publisher Date Notes
Overnight Cabin Archer 1950  
Brief Pleasure Archer 1950  

D.M. Locke

Title Publisher Date Notes
Fatal Fragrance Cassell 1950  

H.M. Lyttle

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Tragedies of White Slaves Archer 1949  

Jules jean Morac

Title Publisher Date Notes
Mrs Bertrand and the Blonde Leisure Library 1952  

Chester Mordant

Title Publisher Date Notes
Love Girl Archer 1950  

Spike Morelli - Bibliography - List of Books in Order

Title Publisher Date Notes
Take it and Like it Archer 1950  
You'll Never get Me Archer 1950  
Death for a Doll Leisure Library 1952  
This Way for Hell Leisure Library 1952  
Coffin for a Cutie Harborough 1952  
Deal Me Out Rest Same 1952  
More than Kisses Baby   1952  
Sorry for You Beautiful   1952  
Give it to Me Straight   1953  
No Place for Me Harborough 1953  

Manning O'Brien

Title Publisher Date Notes
Killers Must eat Thriller Book Club 1952  

Paul Renin - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Dolores Gerald Swan c1940 Original artwork, used?
Date (early) re British Library, no other version listed.
Bohemia Harborough 1948  
Foolish Woman Harborough 1948  
The Kiss of Shame Harborough 1948  
Broken Vows Harborough 1949  
White Woman Harborough 1949  
The Other Woman Harborough 1949  
Outrage Harborough 1949  
Virtue Harborough 1949  
Pleasure's Price Harborough 1949  
Bitter Sweets R & L Locker 1949  
Men Women Love R&L Locker 1949  
Enticed R&L Locker 1950  
A Fortnight's Folly Harborough 1950  
Love Harborough 1949 Also another version Archer
Flame Harborough 1950  
A Double Life Harborough c1950 1st Gerald Swan c1935
The Co-Respondent Archer 1952  
Weekend Wives Archer 1952  
Glamour Archer 1952  
Midnight Sinner Leisure Library 1952  
Wedding Night As Above 1952 Also on Archer 1952
She Who Hesitates Leisure Library 1953  
Thou Shall Not Leisure Library 1953  
The Return Archer 1953  
Sex Archer Press 1953  
The Brute As Above 1953  
East and West As Above 1953  
Women I Have Loved As Above 1953  
Carnival kisses As Above 1953  
Two A.M. As Above 1953  
At Dawn Archer 1953  
Bait As Above 1953  
Dangerous Moments As Above 1954  
The Seventh Night Archer 1954  

Jeanette Revere

Title Publisher Date Notes
Plaything of Desire Archer 1950  

Paul Reville - Bibliography - List of Books

Title Publisher Date Notes
Tribulation R&L Locker 1940s ?  
A Daughter of Desire Archer 1953  
The Street of Shame Ditto 1953  
Sin Street Ditto 1953  
Wild Youth Ditto 1953  

Gene Ross - Bibliography - List of Books in Order

Title Publisher Date Notes
This Way to Hell Archer 1950  
You're Dead My Lovely Archer 1950  
Sorry for You Beautiful Leisure Library 1952 AKA Spike Morelli
Two Smart Dames Ditto 1952  
Curves Cause Trouble Leisure Library 1953  
The Corpse in the Boudoir Harborough 1953  
Step Up Sucker Harborough 1953  

Margaret Scherf

Title Publisher Date Notes
The Corpse Grows a Beard Partridge 1946  

George Ryley Scott

Title Publisher Date Notes
gertie Vesser Harborough 1954  

Virgil Scott

Title Publisher Date Notes
Dead Tree Gives No Shelter Archer 1950  

Link Shelton

Title Publisher Date Notes
Dead Men Don't Love S.D. Frances 1948  

May Somerset

Title Publisher Date Notes
Romance and Susan Archer 1949  

Barbara Stanton

Title Publisher Date Notes
Give Me Glamour Mills and Boon 1940 British Library states Heade DJ

Thelma Strabel

Title Publisher Date Notes
Search for a hero Collins 1942 British Library states Heade DJ

Michael Storme - List of Books only with Heade Covers

Title Published By Date Notes
Dame in My Bed Archer 1950  
Satan Buys a Wreath Archer 1950  
Sucker for a Redhead Archer 1950  
Hot Dames on Cold Slabs Leisure Library 1952 Classic Heade
Make Mine a Shroud Ditto ?  
Carmen Was a Virgin Leisure Library 1952  
Curtains for Carla Leisure Library 1952  
Chicago Terror Harborough 1952  
Lovlies Are Never Lonely Ditto 1952  
Stella Buys a Shroud Harborough 1952  
Make Mine a Redhead Ditto 1952  
Kiss the Corpse Goodbye Ditto 1952  
Elvira Digs a Grave Harborough 1952  
Me and My Ghoul Ditto 1953  
This Woman is Death Leisure Library 1953  
Sweetheart with a Wreath Ditto 1953  
You'll Be Better Off Dead Ditto 1953  
Baby Don't Like Hoodlums Harborough 1953  
Dragons Come Expensive Ditto 1953  
Baby Don't Say Goodbye Harborough 1953  
The Devil has a Racket Ditto 1954  

Timothy Trenton

Title Publisher Date Notes
Lady Your Gun's Showing Gaywood 1950s  
Deception Gaywood 1950s  

Roland Vane - Only Reginald Heade Book Covers

Title Publisher Date Notes
White Slaves in New Orleans Archer 1949  
Vice Rackets of Soho As Above 1950  
Sinful Sisters Archer 1950  
Sin Stained Ditto 1950  
The Girl from Tiger Bay Archer 1950  
This Thing Called Sin Ditto 1950  
Amorous Adventuress Archer 1952  
Pick Up Girl Leisure Library 1952  
Willing Sinner Archer 1952  
Women of Montmartre Ditto 1952  
White Slave Racket Ditto 1952  
Slaves of Passion Ditto 1953  
Silken Sin Ditto 1953  
Call Girls from New York Archer 1953  
Ladies of the Red Lamp Ditto 1953  
Juvenile Delinquent Archer 1953  

Slim Vincent

Title Publisher Date Notes
Dames Are No Dice Archer 1950  

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Please , only SIGNED Reginald Heade artwork, covers and dust jackets.
There is unattributed artwork there and we have added some - but only titles we have personally handled.
Normally we only add pictures and information to the site that we personally handle or research - hence only signed work.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy the work of Reginald Heade as much as we do

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