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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Mr Bateman's Garden ? 1987 BL list only paperback 1988 2nd edition
Children's book anyway, so not really us
Winding Up the Serpent Macmillan 1995 Brown cloth, gilt letters
Catch the Fallen Sparrow As Above 1996  
And None Shall Sleep As Above 1997  
A Wreath for My Sister As Above 1997  
Night Visit As Above 1998 Non-series. Red-gilt. DJ 19.99
Scaring Crows Macmillan 1999 Black boards, gilt titles, DW 16.99
A Fatal Cut As Above 2000 Non-series
Embroidering Shrouds Macmillan 2001 DW 16.99
Disturbing Ground Allison & Busby 2002 Non-series. DW 17.99
Endangering Innocents Allison & Busby 2003 DJ 17.99
River Deep Allison & Busby 2004 Non-series. Wrapper 18.99
A Plea of Sanity Allison & Busby 2005 Non-series. Jacket priced 18.99
Wings Over the Watcher Allison & Busby 2005 Non-series

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Further Information
Priscilla Masters is the creatror of the highly popular series character Joanna Piercy. All  of the titles in the above bibliography are Joanna Piercy unless listed as non-series. The books are collectable, English editions precede American and are more desirable. All jackets should be priced and the first book, Winding Up the Serpent is the rarest and most sought after.


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