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Phyllis Hambledon Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Phyllis Hambledon Series Character: Inspector Tubby Hall

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Phyllis Hambledon Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Autumn Fires Sampson Low 1926
Alien Corn Sampson Low 1927
Jane Cray Sampson Low 1928
The Paved Path. A novel Sampson Low 1929 US: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1929
The Straight Flame Sampson Low 1930
She Might Have Been Margaret Sampson Low 1931 The story of Peg Woffington and her sister
Leading Strings Sampson Low 1932
The Twain Shall Meet Sampson Low 1932
The Trick of Courage Sampson Low 1933
Hogmanay Sampson Low 1935
Family Tree. A novel Sampson Low 1937
No Silver Bells Sampson Low 1939
Kitten in the Pond Sampson Low 1940
Turn Over the Page Sampson Low 1943
Winter Together Sampson Low 1945
It Isn't Fair Sampson Low 1946
Priority for Death Sampson Low 1947
No Difference to Me Sampson Low 1948
Invitation to Terror Werner Laurie 1950
No Place for Jennifer World Film Publications 1950 The book of the film ... Based on the novel
“No Difference to me” by Phyllis Hambledon
The Listening Boy Werner Laurie 1951
I Know a Secret Werner Laurie 1951
Lucinda Robert Hale 1953
Your Hand in Mine. A novel Robert Hale 1957
Lady of Stuc Robert Hale 1958
Keys for the criminal Robert Hale 1958
Murder and Miss Ming Robert Hale 1959
Passports to Murder Robert Hale 1959
Queen's Favourite Ward Lock 1960
Love in Fair Weather Ward Lock 1960
Murder's No Picnic Robert Hale 1961
Death of an Uncle Robert Hale 1962

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Phyllis Hambledon Author Biography - Information About the Author
Phyllis Hambledon, pseudonym of Phyllis MacVean, born 1892, is listed in Hubin's crime fiction guide.
We've extenbded this Phyllis Hambledon bibliography well beyond the books listed by Hubin, we've included every book in the British Library catalogue so this should be a complete list of books.
There are a few reprints for readers but I've not found many so cheap copies for reading only are a problem.
Book collectors are also in a pickle as the books are very uncommon to very rare in jacket. Th eearly titles would obviously be rare books but even the later books are difficult to find, expecially the Robert Hale books, the vast majority went to public libraries so collectors who would normally shun these may well want to consider them if they're in dustwrapper.

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