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Philip Daniels Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Philip Daniels Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Gold Mine - London W.1 Robert Hale 1979 US: St. Martin's Press 1993
The Nice Quiet Girl Robert Hale 1980 US: St. Martin's Press, New York 1992
Large Print: Chivers Press, 1985
The Scarred Man Robert Hale 1980
Alibi of Guilt Robert Hale 1980
Foolproof Robert Hale 1981 US: St. Martins Press 1995
Suspicious Robert Hale 1981 Black cloth with silver titles
US: St Martins Press (1992)
Features ex-Scotland Yard detective Jack Bradford
The Inconvenient Corpse Robert Hale 1982
Nice Knight for Murder Robert Hale 1982 "The death of Sir Francis Waterman is in fact murder"
A Genteel Little Murder Robert Hale 1982
The Dracula Murders Robert Hale 1983 US: Critic's Choice 1986
Cinderella Spy Robert Hale 1984 Large print: Leicester Linford, 1989
Enquiries are Proceedings Robert Hale 1986 Connoisseur Crime series of books
The Hunting of Mr Gloves Ross Anderson 1986 Cover design by Mavis Nwokobia
Paperback original. Reissued Firecrest 1990
US: St. Martin's Press 1989

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Philip Daniels Author Biography - Information About the Author
Philip Daniels, born 1924 according to the British Library, is listed in in Hubin but that's all we know of the author, if you know more please do email us the details so that we can improve this bibliography. It's possible that Philip Daniels is a pseudonym used by Dennis John Andrew Phillips but I cannot confirm for definite.
British first edition books in dust jacket are not easy to find in collectable condition, the copies that do turn up are almost always ex-library copies, as is usually the case with this publisher around this period.
We've listed all the American editions we've been able to find so this bibliography should be a complete list of Philip Daniels books.
The American edition are more common and readily available, whilst British editions are uncommon to rare they shouldn't cost a fortune.

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