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This Peter Motte bibliography or checklist features only the crime fiction titles.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder She Says Cassell 1952 By Reginald W Campbell with Peter Motte
Jacket priced 10/6 on inside flap
A Dog's Death Cassell 1953 Written with Reginald W Campbell
Black cloth with silver lettering. DW priced 10/6
The Village Called Death Cassell 1955  
Phoenix from the Gutter Cassell 1956  
Fell Clutch Cassell 1956  
The House at Hag's Curtain Cassell 1958  
Fall of the Curtain Cassell 1958  
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Further Information
A pseudonym used by the author Richard Harrison who was born 1901.
1956 and 1958 saw two books published in the same year, at present we are unsure as to which order these were actually published in.
We should like to add some deeper biographical detail to this page so if you do have any information about the author please do get in touch and we'll be happy to preserve that information for posterity on this page

Blurb from titles
Fell Clutch:
For the first time in his married life Arthur Brent decides to go on a drinking binge instead of returning home. Unfortunately that is the night his wife is murdered.
Murder She Says: It's clichéd but the butler or valet did indeed commit the crime but the real question lies in just how did he do the deed


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