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W Murdoch Duncan
John Cassells
Neill Graham
Peter Malloch
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
11:20 Glasgow Central Rich and Cowan 1955  
Sweet Lady Death Rich and Cowan 1956  
Tread Softly, Death Rich and Cowan 1957  
Walk In, Death John Long 1957  
Fly Away, Death Ditto 1958  
My Shadow, Death Ditto 1959  
Hardiman's Landing Ditto 1960  
Anchor Island Ditto 1962  
Blood Money John Long 1962  
Break-Through Ditto 1963  
Fugitive's Road Ditto 1963  
Cop-Lover Ditto 1964  
The Nicholas Snatch Ditto 1964  
The Sniper Ditto 1965  
Lady of No Compassion John Long 1966  
The Big Steal Ditto 1966  
Murder of the Man Next Door Ditto 1966  
Die, My Beloved Ditto 1967  
Johnny Blood Ditto 1967  
Murder of a Student Ditto 1968  
Death Whispers Softly John Long 1968  
Backwash Ditto 1969  
Blood on Pale Fingers Ditto 1969  
The Adjuster Ditto 1970  
The Grab Ditto 1970  
The Slugger John Long 1971  
Two with a Gun Ditto 1971  
Write-Off Ditto 1972  
Kickback Ditto 1973  
The Delinquents Ditto 1974  
The Big Killing Ditto 1974  
Killer's Blade Ditto 1975  
The Big Deal John Long 1977  

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Further Information
Peter Malloch, born 18 November 1909 to 1976, is a pseudonym of Duncan W Murdoch.


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