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PC Doherty

A Tournament of Murders

Headline 1996

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Chaucer's pilgrims are sheltering in a friary as they slowly wind their way towards Canterbury. As they settle for the night and gather close around a roaring fire, well away from the darkness outside and the shadowy figures which haunt the lanes and byways of medieval England, the Franklin narrates a mysterious, bloody tale - a true story, he hints, which not only affected his own life, but the lives of some of his fellow pilgrims... In 1356 the Black Prince has won his resounding victory at Poitiers. However, in that bloody fight, the impoverished knight Gilbert Savage received his death wound. As Gilbert lies dying in a ditch he tells his squire, Richard Greenele, that the story of his parents perishing during the great plague is untrue, and that Richard, if he wishes to uncover what really happened, must travel to Colchester and seek out the lawyer Hugo Coticol. Hugo holds a sealed letter telling the truth of Richard's parentage and the dreadful secrets surrounding his father's disgraceful death. This document surprisingly contains a most macabre confession and Richard finds himself a small step closer to discovering the truth. However, the full truth as it gradually evolves is a bloody and heinous tale of duplicity and murder. And one which compels Richard to avenge his father's name.

PC Doherty

Classic Crime Fiction

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