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PC Doherty

The Prince Drakulya

Robert Hale 1986
Jacket by Barbara Walton

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Dracula has always been a fascinating though terrifying figure. Yet the legend of the human vampire is based on horrifying reality: Dracula (or more properly Drakulya) was a real person, a Prince of Wallachia (now part of Romania) who struggled for personal and political survival during the sinister intrigues of I5th century Europe. This fascinating novel traces the life of Drakulya as seen through the eyes of a close friend and retainer, the Greek, Rhodros. He accurately describes the formative influences on Drakulya: the harsh imprisonment by the Ottoman Turks which scars His mind; Drakulya's manipulation by the subtle and brilliant Ottoman court as well the spiritual corrosion caused by Drakulya's lust for vengeance against the Wallachian nobles responsible for the barbarous deaths of his father and elder brother. Drakulya gradually breaks free from his captors' influence and eventually returns as ruler to his own country to wreak a revenge so terrifying that, even in those cruel times, Drakulya's name became a nightmare.

PC Doherty

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