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PC Doherty

The Lord Count Drakulya

Robert Hale 1986
Jacket Design by Barbara Walton

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This sequel to The Prince Drakulya continues the story of Drakulya's rise to power and the truth behind the terrifying vampire legends. Prince Dracula, or more accurately, Drakulya, was a real person who struggled to control the small Balkan kingdom of Wallachia amidst the cruelty and corruption of I5th century Europe. Through the eyes of his Greek friend, Rhodros, we see Drakulya, a Renaissance prince, become a despot and wreak a horrifying revenge on his opponents who were sent to a barbarous death in the sinister Valley of the Shadows. Drakulya then becomes involved in the subtle intrigues between the great powers of I5th century Europe, and launches an all-out war against his hated enemy, the Ottoman Turks. Rhodros is drawn deeper into the nightmare created by Drakulya. His attempts at escape are overtaken by events which sweep Drakulya to a chilling climax and the birth of one of Europe's most terrifying legends.

PC Doherty

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