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Paul Harding aka PC Doherty

The Anger of God

Headline 1993

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King Richard II is a minor and the authority of the crown is invested in his uncle, the power-hungry John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. In the autumn of 1379, the kingdom is seething with discontent. The French are attacking the southern ports and there is economic hardship in the countryside where the peasants are planning a revolt organised by the mysterious leader of the Great Community of the Realm, who proclaims himself as 'IRA DEI1, the Anger of God. Gaunt is involved in winning over the great merchant princes of the capital when his plans are plunged into chaos by a series of bloody and mysterious murders. The sheriff of London is stabbed to death in his garden at the Guildhall whilst the poisoning of one of the Guild Masters follows soon after. In desperation, Gaunt turns to Sir John Cranston, the portly, wine-loving Coroner of the City, to bring the assassin to book as well as recover a king's ransom in gold which has mysteriously disappeared from a chest in the Guildhall. Cranston naturally calls on his ally and clerk, the Dominican monk, Brother Athelstan, parish priest of St Erconwald's in the slums of Southwark. Neither Cranston nor Athelstan relishes the task: London is a hotbed of intrigue and it becomes difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. They face threats and attack from the powerful as well as from the seamy underworld of medieval London, not to mention a chilling exorcism, as they try to bring order to their own lives and a subtle murderer to justice

Paul Harding - PC Doherty

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