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Series Character:Actually "Paul Muller" (in all titles)

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Make Mine Mayhem Robert Hale 1967
You Kill Me ! Robert Hale 1967
The Lady is Lethal Robert Hale 1968 US: Roy 1968
The Hasty Heiress Robert Hale 1968 US: Roy 1969
Danger Dame at Work Robert Hale 1968 US: Roy 1968
Slay Time Robert Hale 1968 US: Roy 1969
Finders Losers Robert Hale 1969
Good Bye Shirley Robert Hale 1969
Why Pick on Me ? Robert Hale 1969
Don't Push Your Luck Robert Hale 1970
Some Dames Don't Robert Hale 1970
This is Murder Robert Hale 1971
The Wistful Wanton Robert Hale 1971
The Friendly Fiends Robert Hale 1972
The Man from Ger Robert Hale 1974 Not in Hubin - possibly Science Fiction?
Brother Gib Robert Hale 1975 Not in Hubin - not mystery fiction?
A Viper in Her Bosom Robert Hale 1975

Paul Muller Biography - Information About the Author
Paul Muller is a pseudonym of Albert King born 1924.
Collectors will find the books hard to locate, especially in fine condition with dust jackets.
Usual issue with this publisher, small print runs with most going to public libraries.
American editions are noted when applicable.
Note: The order the books are listed in (for multiple titles in one year) is the same as the British Library orders them.


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