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This Norman Berrow bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
I don't believe there are any contemporaneous American edition, only the odd reissue much later
There are several occurrences of more than one book published in the same year, currently
we are unable to absolutely guarantee chronology
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Smokers of Hashish Eldon 1934  
Oil Under the Window Ward Lock 1936 Reprinted by Ramble House 2005
The Secret Dancer Ward Lock 1936 Reprinted by Ramble House 2005
It Howls at Night Ward Lock 1937 An "Impossible Crime"
One Thrilling Night Ward Lock 1937 Dust jacket priced at 7/6
Reprinted by Ramble House 2005
The Terror in the Fog Ward Lock 1938 Reprinted by Ramble House 2006
Fingers for Ransom Ward Lock 1939 Reprinted by Ramble House 2005
Ghost House Ward Lock 1940 Reissued Hale and St Martin's 1979
A "Locked Room Murder" An "Impossible Crime"
Murder in the Melody Ward Lock 1940 Reprinted by Ramble House 2005
Words Have Wings Ward Lock 1946 Dust jacket artwork by JCF (J.F. Campbell?)
The Three Tiers of Fantasy Ward Lock 1947 A "Locked Room Murder"
The Bishop's Sword Ward Lock 1948 Dust jacket artwork by Sax
A "Locked Room Murder" An "Impossible Crime"
The Singing Room Ward Lock 1948  
The Spaniard's Thumb Ward Lock 1949 A "Locked Room Murder"
Don't Go Out After Dark Ward Lock 1950  
The Footprints of Satan Ward Lock 1950 An "Impossible Crime"
The Eleventh Plague Ward Lock 1953  
Don't Jump Mr. Boland ! Ward Lock 1954 Reprinted by Ramble House 2005
The Lady's in Danger Ward Lock 1955  
The Claws of the Cougar Ward Lock 1957  

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Norman Berrow ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born in 1902 in the UK but spent most of his life in Australia and New Zealand. There are two series characters, Michael Revel, Inspector Lancelot Carolus Smith. Some of books have a distinctly Ghostly feel about them. For readers there are some modern reprints available but things are much trickier for the collector. Fist edition are notoriously scarce - especially so in dust jacket - amassing a full set would be a matter of some difficulty not to mention expense.


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