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Nigel MacKenzie Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Nigel MacKenzie Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death for a Traitor Wright & Brown 1948
Could it Be Murder ? 1948
Murder Over Karnak 1949 Dust jacket priced 5/- on spine. Artwork Micklewright
The Ghost Walks 1949
The Red Light 1950
The Dark Night 1950 Dust jacket priced 5/- on spine
Artwork by Micklewright. Set in South Africa
Murder for Two Wright & Brown 1951
Bandit's Moon 1952
Murder in the Rain Forest 1952
Consider Your Verdict 1952
Pyramid of Death 1953
Invasion from Space Wright & Brown 1954 Science Fiction, not in Hubin
Dust jacket priced 6/6 on spine
The Murder in Cardigan Square Wright & Brown 1954 Dustwrapper priced 8/6
World Without End Wright & Brown 1955 Science Fiction, not in Hubin
World Without End Wright & Brown 1955 Science Fiction? not in Hubin
Day of Judgement 1956 Misspelt title re British Library "Judgment"
Footprints of Death 1957
Wrath to Come 1957 Not in Hubin
The Moon is Ours 1958 Not in Hubin
A Storm is Rising 1958 Not in Hubin
In Great Danger 1959 Set in Russia
The House of Horror 1959
Seven Days to Death Wright & Brown 1959 Dust jacket priced 10/6
Set in Tibet
Death Holds His Court 1960 Set in South Africa
The Dark Road 1961
Killer At Large 1961 Detective Inspector Charles Tremayne
Queue Here for Murder 1961
The Case of the Glass Slipper Wright & Brown 1962
The Horror in the Dark 1962
Race Towards Death 1963 Detective Inspector Charles Tremayne
Death in the Smog 1963
Night of Fear 1964 Detective Inspector Charles Tremayne
Missing a Lady Wright & Brown 1964
No Escape from Murder 1964
Fear Stalks the City 1965 Set in Paris
Three Steps to Murder 1965 Set in Australia
Death Takes a Holiday 1966
Blood On the Snow 1966
Strange Happening Wright & Brown 1967 Set in Rhodesia
Adventure in Space Wright & Brown 1967 Science Fiction, not in Hubin
Killing's No Murder 1968
Murder Round the Corner 1968 Dust cover priced 12/6
Missing Believed Dead Wright & Brown 1968

Dust Jacket Artist: Micklewright

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Nigel MacKenzie Author Biography - Information About the Author
Nigel MacKenzie is an author we'd like to know more about, do you know anything of his life?
We've noted when the series character, Detective Inspector Charles Tremayne, appears in a book, this re Hubin so there may be more.
The author's books were not published in America.
The books are listed in the order of the British Library catalogue and we've included every book held by all the main institutional libraries.
When no publisher is stated it is Wright & Brown.
The dust jacket artwork commissioned by the publishers for the earlier books is vastly superior to the later dustwrappers.
The later work being of a more artistically naive nature, the earlier having greater artistic merit.
The books are rarer than they ought to be in dust jacket, two or three titles do turn up regularly but the rest are rare in collectable condition.
The later titles tend to be almost exclusively former public library copies in our experience.

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