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Ngaio Marsh

Hand in Glove

Collins Crime Club 1962

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My dear: What can I say? . . . I know so welt, believe me so very well, what a grievous shock this has been for you and how bravely you will have taken it... Thus ran a letter of condolence from Mr. Fyke Period, who was celebrated for his fluency in the contrivance of these mournful epistles. It was in Mr, Fyke Period's house that a somewhat bizarre company gathered for lunch shortly before violent death (not much softened by the condolences of Mr. Pyke Period) came to Little Codling. To investigate the murder Superintendent Roderick Alleyn and Inspector Fox of the G.I.D. quickly appeared in the village. Ngaio Marsh's crime novels are famous; her readers are legion. The craftsmanship that can combine brilliant characterisation, spectacular events and a baffling problem is at work here to the same great effect as in such well-known books as Artists in Crime, Surfeit of Lampreys, Off with his Head and False Scent.

Ngaio Marsh

Classic Crime Fiction

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