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Neill Graham Series Character: Solo Malcolm

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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W Murdoch Duncan
John Cassells
Peter Malloch
Lovat Marshall
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Symbol of the Cat Melrose 1948  
Passport to Murder Melrose 1949  
The Temple of Slumbe As Above 1950  
Murder Walks on Tiptoe Melrose 1951  
The Quest of Mr. Sandyman Jarrolds 1951  
The Amazing Mr. Sandyman Jarrolds 1952  
Again Mr. Sandyman Jarrolds 1952  
Salute Mr. Sandyman As Above 1953  
Murder Makes a Date Jarrolds 1955  
Play It Solo As Above 1955  
Say It with Murder As Above 1956 Red cloth, black titles. Dust jacket 10/6
You Can't Call It Murder As Above 1957  
Hit Me Hard Jarrolds 1958  
Salute to Murder Ditto 1958  
Murder Rings the Bell Jarrolds 1959  
Killers Are on Velvet John Long 1960  
Murder Is My Weakness As Above 1961  
Murder on the Duchess As Above 1961  
Make Mine Murder As Above 1962  
Graft Town John Long 1963  
Label It Murder As Above 1963  
Murder Makes It Certain As Above 1963  
Murder of a Black Cat As Above 1964  
Murder Made Easy John Long 1965  
Murder on My Hands As Above 1965  
Murder's Always Final As Above 1965  
Money for Murder As Above 1966 Dust jacket by William Randell
Murder on Demand As Above 1966  
Murder Has Been Done John Long 1967  
Murder Makes the News As Above 1967  
Candidate for a Coffin As Above 1968 Dust jacket by William Randell
Pay Off. As Above 1968  
Death of a Canary As Above 1969  
Murder Lies in Waiting As Above 1969  
Blood on the Pavement John Long 1970  
One for the Book As Above 1970  
A Matter of Murder. As Above 1971  
Murder, Double Murder As Above 1971  
Frame-Up As Above 1972  
Cop in a Tight Frame John Long 1973  
Murder in a Dark Room As Above 1973  
Assignment, Murder As Above 1974  
Murder on the List As Above 1975  
Search for a Missing Lady As Above 1976 Dust jacket by Oliver Elmes
Motive for Murder John Long 1977  

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Neill Graham, 1909 to 1975, was a pseudonym of W Murdoch Duncan as ell as others..


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