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Eric Mudge-Marriott

Dust Jacket Artist

Mudge-Marriott is Eric or E.B.

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Author Title Publisher Notes
Herbert Adams The Judas Kiss Macdonald 1955
Leslie Bailey The Gilbert and Sullivan Book Cassell 1956
Charity Blackstock Dewey Death Heinemann 1956
Robert Charles Mission of Murder Robert Hale 1965
Tod Claymore Appointment in New Orleans Cassell 1950
Tod Claymore Reunion in Florida Cassell 1952
Guy Cullingford If Wishes Were Hearses Hammond 1952
Lester Dent Lady So Silent Cassell 1951
Lois Edwards My Heart in Hiding Cassell 1951
William Haggard The Hard Sell Cassell 1965
Alan Hunter Gently by the Shore Cassell 1956
Alan Hunter Gently Sahib Cassell 1964
Frank Lester Death in Sunlight Robert Hale 1965
John Macdonald The Drowning Pool Cassell 1952
J.T. McIntosh One Hundred in Three Museum Press 1956
Alexander McKee The Friendless Sky Souvenir Press 1962
Wallace Nichols The Cadghill Manor Mystery Dobson 1961
Chad Oliver Shadows in the Sun Max Reinhardt 1955
Colin Robertson North for Danger WH Allen 1952
James Salter The Hunters Heinemann 1957
Bart Spicer The Day of the Dead Hodder & Stoughton 1956
James Turner The Glass Interval Cassell 1961

Further Information Kindly Supplied By Nicholas Flower, Esq.

During the decade 1958-68 I was head of production and design at Cassell. In that capacity I was responsible for the typographic design, and the commissioning of jacket designs, for all our publications. I also designed a number of jackets myself.

Eric Mudge-Marriott, who lived in Tenterden in Kent, was one of the artists we used consistently throughout the late '50s and the '60s. Cassell was John Ross Macdonald's UK publisher and Eric did most of the jacket designs for his thrillers, and they are representative of his finest work. At the time he was the master of air-brush design and his best work is immediately recognizable.

I do not have a collection of Ross Macdonald books and cannot give you a full list of the titles for which Eric did designs. Outstanding M-M covers I do remember are The Ivory Grin, The Drowning Pool, Experience with Evil, Find a Victim and The Doomsters.

By the way, Kenneth Millar used the pseudonym John Ross Maconald on his Lew Archer books in the USA and UK until John D. Macdonald started publishing. At that point, to avoid confusion, he dropped the "John".

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