Nigel Morland

The Clue of the Bricklayer's Aunt

Cassell 1936
Wrapper artist unknown

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MURDER and robbery are queer things to find coming in the train of a dumb and paralysed old lady who, on the evidence of indisputable witnesses, gets up night after night and dances and sings to the discomfort of all Deptford. Where was the connection between King David's Lane, Deptford, and Park Lane, Mayfair? Why did Harry the Valet play trains? What was the secret behind the activities of Alburquerque Alien, that lean and sardonic man? Pitched in a quieter key than her previous adventures, this story is Mrs. Pym's greatest triumph. The famous woman detective finds herself up against the hardest problem of her colourful career; by sheer ingenuity and inductive pertinacity she solves a queer case, of which the strangest feature is not revealed until the end.

Classic Crime Fiction

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