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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Strange Disappearance of Mary Young Harrap 1929 May '29. DJ 7/6. US: 1929
And Then Silence Faber 1931 May 31. DJ 7/6. US: The Boudoir Murder, 1931
The Ticker-Tape Murder Faber 1932 ECB has only cheap edition listed. US:1930
Murder of an Initiate Faber 1933 DJ 7/6. US: Student Fraternity Murder 1932
The Divorce Court Murder Faber 1934 DJ 7/6. US: 1934
The Family Burial Murders Harrap 1935 DJ 7/6. US: 1934
Murder at the Polls Harrap 1936 DJ 7/6. US: Election Booth Murder, 1935
One Murdered Two Dead Harrap 1937 Aug 37. DJ 7/6. US: 1936
The Great Insurance Murders Harrap 1938 DJ 7/6. US: 1937
The Case of the Cheating Bride Harrap 1939 DJ 7/6. US: 1938
Hide the Body ! Harrap 1940 DJ 7/6. US: 1939
The Station Wagon Murder Harper 1940 No UK edition
You Can't Gag the Dead Jenkins 1949 US: Handwriting on the Wall, 1941
Murders in Sequence Jenkins 1947 US: Blood Transfusion Murders, 1943

Further Information
Milton Propper was born in Pennsylvania in 1906. He practised law and was also a theatre and book critic for a local newspaper. His main series character, who appears in all the books, was Tommy Rankin, a young specialist homicide police officer. The author lead a turbulent personal life which saw him eventually living in squalor and losing all his potential to work. In 1962 he committed suicide.


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