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MG Eberhart

The unknown Quantity

Collins Crime Club 1953

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IN this highly original murder mystery, M. G. Eberhart leads her readers through an engrossing maze of intrigue and sudden death. Things are not what they seem, and we race from one crisis to the next with the harassed characters, always in search of that unknown element which is at the centre of these fateful events. Arthur Travers, a wealthy oil magnate, arranges for a young lawyer, Jake Dixon, who resembles him in appearance, to impersonate him while he himself goes off on a mysterious mission, hinted to be government "top secret." On Travers' instructions Dixon and Arthur's young wife Sarah go to the Travers' country place near New York; and are immediately plunged into a maelstrom of murder and suspicion. This is one of M. G. Eberhart's best novels of suspense, of crime and punishment.

MG Eberhart

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