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MG Eberhart

Unidentified Woman

Collins Crime Club 1945

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MG EBERHART has never written a more fascinating or more baffling mystery story than this tale of murder among the residents of a picturesque mansion close by a big army training camp. Mrs. Eberhart combines astonishing skill at weaving an intricate plot with the born novelist's sense of style and characterisation. As we learn more of the tangled affairs of the heiress Victoria Steane we find our emotions completely tied up with her uncertain fate. Not without reason does the yellow-eyed District Attorney fix upon her as the guilty party in the murders of the " unidentified woman " and of Clistie Forbes, friend of Victoria's dead mother. Somewhere, somehow, Vicky knew that there was one master key to the murders, but it was not until still another death that it all came clear.

MG Eberhart

Classic Crime Fiction

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