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MG Eberhart

Postmark Murder

Collins Crime Club 1956
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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OF people were interested in the " Stanislowski " Fund of the late Conrad Stanley's will. There was the nebulous Stanislowski himself, who might still be alive in Poland; the eight-year-old girl refugee, Jonny, now safe in Chicago in the care of Laura March, herself a trustee of the fund; the beautiful Doris, Stanley's widow and others... In the rush and bustle of.Chicago during the weeks before Christmas Laura March received a strange telephone call from an unknown woman. " Please come ! Hurry ! Bring a doctor." When Laura reached the address she found a man she had seen only once before lying stabbed: murdered. Thus Laura, and Jonny are precipitated into a situation laden with terror and nightmare. Any one of the visitors that come openly or secretly to Laura's fiat may be a murderer . . . Once again M. G. Eberhart, the creator of Nurse Keate, provides a story as exciting in itself and as startling in its solution as she achieved in her last book, Man Missing.

MG Eberhart

William Randell

Classic Crime Fiction

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