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MG Eberhart

Never Look Back

Collins Crime Club 1951

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WHEN Maggie Brook returned from London to her aunt's apartment in New York, she was almost immediately made aware of the sinister influences that were dogging her footsteps. Yet she couldn't really believe that someone was trying to take her life until the mounting series of strange occurrences could no longer be argued away: a burning cigarette in the pre-su mably vacant apartment, someone whose dark shadow she saw when she searched the terrace, someone who tried to lure Maggie to the balcony—the odour of cyanide in her bedside Thermos. M. G. Eberhart, always a master of atmosphere and suspense, has done some of her most fascinating work in this book, conveying with consummate skill the heroine's almost excruciating sense of terror.

MG Eberhart

Classic Crime Fiction

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