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MG Eberhart

Man Missing

Collins Crime Club 1954
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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IN THE shadowy, white-walled corridors of the sleeping hospital Nurse Sarah Keate caught sight of a khaki-clad figure. She saw the flash of three stripes of gold on an epaulette. She was not to know the vital significance of that one quick glimpse until one of her patients was found dead—murdered. Sara Keate is well-known to M. G. Eberhart's many readers. In this book she makes a come-back to crime in a murder story set in the American western desert. The scene is a base where many thousand tons of naval ammunition are stored; where the sun beats down fiercely every day on a small and isolated community; where nerves arc never easy in the proximity of the stores of high explosive ; and where murder stalks abroad. There is more at the base than danger—there is a problem. Who left the silent hospital so swiftly after the patient had been knifed? Who struck the second time? What made the pretty Sally Wilson so fatally reticent and frightened? We believe that readers, like the investigators at the base, will be distracted from spotting the murderer by the authoress's extraordinary ingenuity. In this thrilling and brilliantly constructed story M. G. Eberhart once more succeeds in a tour-dc-forcc of detection.

MG Eberhart

William Randell

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