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MG Eberhart

Hunt with the Hounds

Collins Crime Club 1951

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IN Hunt With the Hounds MG Eberhart again proves herself a master of suspense and romance, creating, against the lovely background of the Virginia fox-hunting country, an atmosphere of terror and intrigue which lasts up to the breath-taking climax, It had never occurred to Sue Poore that, when Jed Bailey was acquitted for the murder of his wife, suspicion would turn on Sue herself. She had come forward and given Jed his alibi, thus placing herself at the scene of the crime, But the prosecution had suggested a motive at Jed's trial: that she and Jed were in love. Indeed, they artfully suggested that she was " the other woman," and Sue's defence of Jed tragically lent colour to the accusation. Against this innuendo and against the killer who stalked her from the woods at dusk, Sue was suddenly terribly defenceless. For the police had decided she was a murderess, and not even a bullet scarring the wall beside her could convince them she was in danger.

MG Eberhart

Classic Crime Fiction

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