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MG Eberhart

The Crime at Honotassa

Collins Crime Club 1962

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IT WAS 1863. Sarah Hugot, a Northern heiress with loyalties to the Union cause, found herself in New Orleans on a hazardous assignment; burdened with contraband, gold and drugs, she was to make her way to Honotassa, the Southern plantation belonging to her husband Lucien, whom she had impulsively married in Cuba and about whom she knew very little. She was in enemy territory. She knew nothing about the big house of which she was to be mistress—and almost nothing about her husband, Lucien. Sarah reached Honotassa and found it beautiful. But Lucien had disappeared and the Hugot relatives staying in the house had many reasons not to welcome the newcomer who now possessed and controlled the estate. She was surrounded by enemies. And she was learning that Lucien had given her information about Honotassa and its inmates some of which was untrue... When a member of the household is shot it looks as though murder has come to Honotassa —and worse is to follow. This historical novel marks a departure for M. G. Eberhart, author of Melora and Another Mans Murder, and a new milestone in the achievement of a celebrated crime novelist; the story has a powerful romantic appeal besides being utterly absorbing.

MG Eberhart

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