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MG Eberhart

Escape the Night

Collins Crime Club 1945

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SERENA MARCH was returning to her old home on the enchanted coast of California, partly because she had a holiday from her New York job, partly because Leda Blagden had urged her to, " because something is going to happen," and chiefly because Leda told her that Jeremy Daly was there—the Jem Daly with whom she had fallen in love as a girl of nineteen the day her sister Amanda was married. She was returning to the old crowd with whom she and her sister had grown up. Her own old home, the Casa Mad rone, was closed now and Amanda lived at the Condit ranch across the valley. Back to the old life of leisure, parties at Pebble Beach, trips to the one and only San Francisco, back to Jem—and what ? What she met on the day after her return was murder, which struck suddenly, silently and again, involving the whole group of old friends in a web of suspicion and danger. The popular M. G. Eberhart's latest story is a subtle and sophisticated novel of character and suspense in which murder plays its overpowering motif.

MG Eberhart

Classic Crime Fiction

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