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MG Eberhart

Enemy in the House

Collins Crime Club 1961

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THE action in this historical crime novel takes place during the American War of Independence. Amity Mallam, a young American heiress, is a Loyalist, faithful to the British King and the British cause; around her estate in Savannah the troops of the Continental army (Washington's army) are gathering; her father has departed to his estate in Jamaica (under British rule): besides the problem of trying to save her American inheritance from confiscation, Amity discovers she has treacherous enemies among the family group that surround her. Amity goes to Jamaica. In the great lonely house of Mallam Penn, surrounded by its rich plantations, there unfolds a ruthless struggle for possession of the Mallam estates—a struggle so fierce that even murder counts for little. M. G. Eberhart again triumphs in the difficult art of setting a crime novel in a historical background; Enemy in the House will bring delight to the thousands of readers who enjoyed The Crime at Honotassa.

MG Eberhart

Classic Crime Fiction

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