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MG Eberhart

Another Man's Murder

Collins Crime Club 1958
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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MURDER and violence strike without warning in the deceptively idyllic Florida lake country when Cayce Clary returns to his childhood home to have it out with his uncle. There was one obvious witness—and possibly another hidden one—to the violent quarrel that erupted during their meeting. But there were no witnesses to the murder of his uncle, who was found shot to death near the lake shortly after. Before long Cayce found himself fighting for his life, charged with the killing, and at the same time fighting for his land. Although there were many who hated the old man, motive and opportunity pointed to Cayce alone. This taut story of a killer on the loose a killer determined to murder again to hide his first crime—is played out against the exotic background of the orange groves and swamp lands of Florida. A master of atmosphere and suspense, M. G. Eberhart is writing at the top of her form in Another Man's Murder.

MG Eberhart

William Randell

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