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Laurence Meynell

The Abandonded Doll

Collins 1960
Jacket design unknown

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Laurence Meynell

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WHEN A friend disappears how long is it before anyone thinks of murder ? Elizabeth Fellowes returned to London to find a policeman at the door of the flat she had shared with Olive Gale, whose employer had reported that she had been missing for some days. Elizabeth had returned from Italy and an unhappy love affair and was busy picking up the threads of her disrupted life, but she went down to Chilmote to find out what she could about her friend. She met Lewis Carrington, Olive's employer, who seemed puzzled and unhappy; his unattractive wife whom she disliked; Leonard Staples, Carrington's secretary, whom she found dangerously attractive; and bluff, middle-aged George Waller, who lived nearby and turned out to know more about Olive than anyone had suspected. But the curious discovery of a brand new doll in Olive's bedroom gave Elizabeth a hint that someone was lying. Once she had become suspicious she suddenly realised that the whole affair was shrouded in deceit. It was then that the first, frightening suspicion of murder came into her mind. The Abandoned Doll moves in an atmosphere of mounting suspense to the final gripping climax. Laurence Meynell has given his many admirers a really intriguing and exciting story.

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