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Here we go! We've put it off for long enough. John Creasey and his known pseudonyms
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Other Pseudonyms
John Creasey
Gordon Ashe
Margaret Cooke
Henry St John Cooper
Norman Deane
Robert Caine Frazer
Patrick Gill
Michael Halliday
Kyle Hunt
Peter Manton
JJ Marric
Anthony Morton
William K Reilly
Tex Riley
Jeremy York
Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Fire of Death Fiction House 1934 Not in English Catalogue of Books
The Black Heart Gramol 1935 Ditto all the rest
The Casino Mystery Mellifont 1935  
The Crime Gang Mellifont 1935  
The Death Drive Mellifont 1935  
Number One's Last Crime Fiction House 1935  
The Stolen Formula Mystery Mellifont 1935  
The Big Radium Mystery, Mellifont 1936  
The Day of Terror Mellifont 1936  
The Dummy Robberies Ditto 1936  
The Hypnotic Demon Fiction House 1936  
The Moat Farm Mystery Fiction House 1936  
The Secret Formula Fiction House 1936  
The Successful Alibi Mellifont 1936  
The Hadfield Mystery Mellifont 1937  
The Moving Eye Mellifont 1937  
The Raven Fiction House 1937  
The Mountain Terror Mellifont 1938  
For Her Sister's Sake Fiction House 1938  
The Verrall Street Affair Newnes 1940  

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M.E. Cooke aka John Creasey.

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