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Wyndham Martyn

Spies of Peace

Herbert Jenkins 1934
Jacket artwork by Eugene Hastain

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THE ability to create characters in fiction that not only live but go on living in the mind of the reader is given to but few. Mr. Wyndham Martyn is one of the fortunate few. His famous master-criminal, Anthony Trent, is one of the greatest figures ever to grace the pages of a crime story—his adventures have been the subject of ten or more best-sellers. But, threatening to unseat Trent from his elevated pedestal, comes Christopher Bond—a young man with a thirst for excitement and adventure. He made his bow in a book bearing his name as title, and although it is but a short while since its publication, Christopher Bond has already gathered about him a host of staunch admirers. And in this novel we meet him again— smiling, fearless and eager for adventure. He seems to be able to smell trouble, for he certainly finds plenty of it in this gripping story.

Wyndham Martyn

Eugene Hastain

Classic Crime Fiction

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