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Wyndham Martyn

The Headland House Affair

Herbert Jenkins 1941

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WHEN Anthony Trent leased the large, gloomy house on the Headland promontory he really believed he had given up his hobby of running criminals to earth. But within a few hours of his arrival two mysterious deaths occurred and forced Trent into action. What possible connection could there be between the deaths of the gentle musician, Julian Faulkner, and his old servant, Martha, and the new shadow factory in the marshes nearby? Why should the Czech, Weber, be so anxious to oust Trent from his newly acquired residence ? What was happening on this lonely piece of Norfolk coast under cover of the ever-present fog ? Fighting against desperate odds, in a grand battle of wits Trent yet again proved his mettle. " One of the most audacious, versatile and captivating heroes who ever stepped out of the pages of a novel" is how one critic describes Anthony Trent—an opinion which is fully confirmed in this grand yarn of international intrigue.

Wyndham Martyn

Classic Crime Fiction

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