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Herbert Jenkins 1940

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TO the beautiful, unscrupulous Emilie Boraht, head of a highly dangerous group of Nazi agents, Christopher Bond was an unprincipled adventurer living on his wits—a tool to be twisted as she pleased. Gaily accepting the uncomplimentary role, Bond was able to penetrate the innermost councils of enemy intelligence. By an audacious coup he escaped from the very land of the enemy, and in the knick of time thwarted a terrible, well-planned scheme to destroy a gigantic secret air base in the New World. The adventures of that debonair trouble-seeker, Christopher Bond, are a source of continuous delight to his multitude of readers. In this splendid, topical yarn he smashes his way through to a denouement as breath-taking as it is logical.

Wyndham Martyn

Classic Crime Fiction

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