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Ngaio Marsh

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The elderly rubicund chemist handed Troy two bottles tied together. One had an envelope attached. " For the children up at the Manor ? " he said. " Quite so. And the small bottle is for Sir Henry." When she had climbed back into the governess-cart, she found that he had followed her and stood blinking on the pavement. " They're labelled," he said fussily. " If you'd be good enough to point out the enclosed instructions. The dosage varies, you know. It's determined by the patient's weight. Dr. Withers particularly asked me to draw Miss Abie's attention. Qmte an unusual prescription, actually. Thallium Acetate. Yes. Both labelled. Thank you. One should exercise care. ... So sorry we're out of wrapping paper. Good evening." He gave a little whooping chuckle and darted back into his shop.

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