Crime Fiction

John P Marquand

Last Laugh Mr Moto

Robert Hale 1943
Jacket design unknown

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John P Marquand Last Laugh Mr Moto

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Now, fresh from the triumph of H. M. Pulham, Esquire, the Choice of the Book Society for February 1942, Mr. Marquand turns again to the small, smiling, Japanese man of mysteries.

" LAST LAUGH, MR. MOTO " is a story of violence, intrigue and romance on a lonely Caribbean island. Robert Bolles charters his schooner to an American and his attractive wife, their husky manservant and some rather heavy 'uggage- He goes along to keep an eye on the boat—and the charming wife—but takes two guns with him just in case. When the guns disappear and Mr. Moto turns up on the island, Robert Bolles finds himself caught in a crossfire of plot, counterplot and swift violence. Is it possible that Mr. Moto is left holding the honourable bag ?

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