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Margaret Millar Bibliography

US and UK First Edition Books

Margaret Millar
Series Characters: Tom Aragon; Inspector Sands and Dr Paul Prye

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
American edition precede the British first edition
Book are very collectable and keenly sought by collectors, consequently early titles are valuable in dust jackets

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Invisible Worm Doubleday 1941 UK: 1943 John Long
The Weak Eyed Bat Doubleday 1942
The Devil Loves Me Doubleday 1942
Wall of Eyes Random House 1943 UK: 1966 Lancer
Fire Will Freeze Random House 1944
The Iron Gates Random House 1945 UK: 1950 Robert Hale
As: Taste of Fears
Do Evil in Return Random House 1950 UK: 1952 Museum Press
Rose's Last Summer Random House 1952 UK: 1954 Museum Press
Also as The lively Corpse 1966 Dell
Vanish in an Instant Random House 1952 UK: 1953 Museum Press
Beast in View Random House 1955 UK: 1955 Gollancz
An Air that Kills Random House 1957 UK: 1957 Gollancz
As The Soft Talkers
The Listening Walls Random House 1959 UK: 1959 Gollancz
A Stranger in My Grave Random House 1960 UK: 1960 Gollancz
How like an Angel Random House 1962 UK: 1962 Gollancz
The Fiend Random House 1964 UK: 1964 Gollancz
Beyond This Point Are Monsters Random House 1970 UK: 1971 Gollancz
Ask for Me Tomorrow Random House 1976 UK: 1977 Gollancz
The Murder of Miranda Random House 1979 UK: 1980 Gollancz
Mermaid Morrow 1982 UK: 1982 Gollancz
Banshee Morrow 1983 UK: 1983 Gollancz
Spider Webs Morrow 1986 UK: 1987 Gollancz

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Margaret Millar Author Biography
Margaret Millar, born 1915 and died 1994, a Canadian born author and married to Kenneth Millar aka Ross Macdonald. As well as books she also wrote screenplays for Hollywood. Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe award in 1956 and recipient of the Grand Master Award in 1983. Interestingly in 1965 she was declared 'Woman of the Year' by the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

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