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Donald Mackenzie

Cool Sleeps Balaban

Published by Collins Crime Club in 19564
Dustwrapper artist: Unknown

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Donald Mackenzie - Cool Sleeps Balaban

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Sample from Donald Mackenzie's - Cool Sleeps Balaban
The first soft flutter of snow drifted across the slapping river. It settled briefly on the headstones, invaded the stunted laurel and iron railings that enclosed the churchyard. Two men stood in the lee of the porch. The darkness of their clothing, the immobility of their pose, robbed them of substance. They were watching the short length of street on the other side of the bushes. It cut south, from the swinging sign outside the corner pub to the narrow apartment building facing the Thames. Midway between these two points, a solitary lamp illuminated the deserted sidewalk and the rear entrance to the apartment building. The shorter man turned his wrist, checking his watch. He stepped quickly from the shelter of the porch, his voice a cautious whisper. " Keep your eyes on the back door. He'll be out any moment." Scott crept forward as far as his cousin's outstretched arm allowed. His hands encased in unfamiliar gloves were sticky. He lifted his head, ignoring the rear entrance, caught by the blazing windows in the penthouse

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