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Joyce Porter
Series Character: Dr Alexander Cornell and Wood Jaxon

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
Perhaps not the best known mystery author but a good one and sought after by collectors
Hospital - Medical mysteries are a collected genre but Michel is collected in his own right
Books are not common and fetch reasonable prices in dust jacket
UK first editions are particularly scarce 

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The X-Ray Murders Coward 1942 UK: 1945 Hammond - jacket 7/6
Canadian: 1950 as Sinister Warning
Sweet Murder Coward 1943 UK: 1945 Hammond
Canadian: 1950 as House in Harlem
The Psychiatric Murders Mystery House 1946 UK: 1954 Hammond as
Murder in the Consulting Room
The Black Key Mystery House 1946
The Murder of Me Fell 1961 A three act play

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

M Scott Michel Biography
M Scott Michel was a pseudonym used by Milton Scott, born 1916 died 1992, he was an American Crime Fiction author who actually worked in the X-Ray department of a hospital before becoming a writer and playwright .

M Scott Michel Sample
Dr. Marvin Baffin, world-famous X-ray specialist, was sitting in his office, and slowly being murdered for over a year. He didn't know he was being murdered and neither did anyone else, except the murderer. But his X-ray technician and • mistress, Mary Anteron, was fearful of something and so she went to see the much publicised private detective, Wood Jaxon. From here on, the handsome, powerful Wood Jaxon finds himself making the rounds of New York's night clubs, gangster dens and finer spots—his strong arms and quick brain keeping him from a morgue slab, while he first proves that murder had been done and then proceeds to solve the mystery.

 As usual, Wood Jaxon falls in love again, this time with ,Jo Bailin, the X-ray _ specialist's daughter, but manages also to maintain a romantic relationship with Jo's sister, Marlene, a lovely, sensuous blonde. When a second murder happens, Jaxon finds both his client and himself involved, and Inspector Nerry with the aid of his assistant, Hal Angus, the educated freak, does not permit Jaxon to rest for one moment. The murder means nothing especially to Homicide, but to put a damper on Wood Jaxon is definitely worth while. Wood Jaxon is new and exciting.

He is a man of decision and temperament, with an everlasting desire for food and romance, and a love for his college president father, his mother, and his two old-maid sisters. The story moves swiftly from one exciting incident to another, from New York City to Connecticut and back again, deviating from this route only for a brief and violent excursion to the Jersey woods. There are no hidden clues, no facts kept from the reader. The methods of murder are not common, but the motives for murder are everyday experiences.


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