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Lucy Cores Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

Lucy Cores Series Character: Captain Andrew Torrent

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Lucy Cores Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Fathers And Sons Walter J. Black 1942 Turgenev - edited by Lucy Cores
Painted for the Kill Duell, Sloan 1943 UK: Cassell & Co 1946
US softcover Dell Books 1945
Reprinted Rue Morgue (2004)
Corpse De Ballet Duell, Sloan 1944 UK: Cassell & Co 1948
Reissued Collier Books Collier-Macmillan 1965
And again by Rue Morgue Press (2004)
Let's Kill George Duell, Sloan 1946 UK: Cassell & Co 1950
UK dust jacket artist Barbosa
Woman in Love : a novel Harper 1951 UK: Cassell & Co 1952
US paperback: Perma book, (1952)
Not listed in Hubin
The Misty Curtain Harper & Row 1964 UK: Robert Hale 1965
The Year of December McGraw-Hill 1972 US paperback: Zebra Books (1978)
Not listed in Hubin
Katya St Martin's Press 1980 US paperback Ace Books 1982
"Romance & danger set in Imperial Russia"
Fatal Passion Walker 1989 "A Regency romance"

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Lucy Cores Author Biography - Information About the Author
Lucy Cores, Lucy Michaela Cores born 1914, is listed in Allen J. Hubin's crime fiction reference book, the main series charcater is Captain Andrew Torrent.
The crime and mystery books, those not included in Hubin are uncommon to rare. British editions are particularly hard to find in dust jacket, they are sought after by collectors so expect them to be priced accordingly if and when they do turn up. The Cassell books all have great period dustwrapper artwork.

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