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This bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
I can find no record, or indication, that any of these titles were published in the USA
The second book includes one Inspector Flash we should like to fins out if he is a series character.
If you have an reliable background information please do drop us a line

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder in Devils' Hollow World's Work 1944 Yellow cloth
Talking of Murder Harrap 1945 Blue cloth, silver. Dust jacket 8/6
The Death Box Macdonald 1946 Blue boards, gilt. Dust jacket 8/6
Another Little Murder Macdonald 1947  
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This author is something of mystery in herself and we should like to hear from anybody who can shed any light on this writer. Especially family or friends - please do get in touch if you can help - many thanks in advance.

Synopsis of Lorna Nicholl Morgan's Talking of Murder
Talking of Murder

Connolly's Club was exclusive, and Michael Connolly was jealous of its good reputation. He felt it almost as a personal affront when a member died in the Club's luxurious precincts on a New Year's Eve. He was still further aggrieved when Inspector Flash called, and his visit turned out to be an official one, instead of the usual friendly call.

When the Inspector hinted at murder, Michael resented anything so unreasonable in connection with his Club. Yet this was only the beginning of a series of happenings all of which pointed to members of Connolly's. There were big robberies of art treasures —Mr Tilbury, who died on New Year's Eve, was proprietor of the Art Treasures Emporium, Mayfair—and two more deaths. Inspector Flash worked hard on these cases—so did " Sling" Fitzroberts of Connolly's on Michael's behalf—and he was able to contribute some details to complete the Inspector's final reconstruction of motive and method.

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