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Conyth Little

The Black Express

Collins Crime Club 1945

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Murder on a trans-Austrian train snaking its way across a vast continent is the theme of this latest mystery by the popular Conyth Little. The girl in the shoddy clothes and ill-fitting red shoes recovered slowly from a bump on the head to find herself in a train compartment with a strange woman who called her " Dearie " and assured her that everything would be all right when she met her relatives in Melbourne. When the girl examined the contents of her handbag she found a driver's licence with the name Cleo Ballister. The name rang no bell of remembrance in her mind. She knew she could not have bought the horrible clothes she wore. Tantalising bits of the past came back to her, but they formed no clues to a sustained memory of who she was or why she was there. Black Express is a well-told murder mystery and should certainly rank as one of Conyth Little's best.


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