William Le Queux

The Chameleon

Hodder and Stoughton 1927
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"You must be firm, Gordon. It doesn't matter in the least whether Sibell loves him or hates him. She must marry him, otherwise we shall both find ourselves in the cart. So there must be no argument. Don't you agree ? " asked the woman. " Of course I agree, my dear Etta. But my ward is stubborn and absolutely refuses to see him again," replied the bald-headed, deformed man who stood at Lady Wyndcliffe's side at the window of her private sitting-roorn overlooking the golden sands and summer sea at the Grand Hotel on the Digue at Knocke, on the Belgian coast. " It's all rot! She must be made to see reason I " replied the slim, dark-haired, good-looking woman in a flimsy blue-striped frock, which mutely spoke of the Parisian couturiere. "Young Otway is all very well, but he hasn't a penny, while Gretton inherited over half a million from his father, who made a satisfactory deal in wool during the war and by it became Mayor of Bradford. Gussie's a bit of an ass, but all the better for us. We both want money very badly. And I've so far worked the cards so that he is madly in love with her. Only we must at all hazards get rid of Otway. A penniless young doctor is no good for SibeU." " I agree with every word you say," replied the queer old hunchback, Gordon Routh, in his high-pitched, squeaky voice. " You and I have had many deals which have been mutually satisfactory

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