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Lawrence Blochman

Bengal Fire

Collins Crime Club 1937

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MR. LAWRENCE BLOCHMAN author of that successful novel, Bombay Mail, again chooses India as the setting for a fast-moving detective story. The cheerful crowd of wedding guests that had assembled for the wedding of Harrison J. Hoyt, well-known publicity agent in Calcutta, was hushed into grim silence when out of as strange a bridal coach as ever carried groom to church fell a lifeless body. Harrison I^oyt was dead. It was as mysterious a crime as even that country of mystery and intrigue had ever known. But Hoyt was not the only victim in this astonishing case. Mr. Blochman exploits his original and unusual setting to the full, and recounts some extraordinary happenings in a very readable and racy style.

Lawrence Blochman

Classic Crime Fiction

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