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Gret Lane

Death Visits the Summer-House

Herbert Jenkins 1939
Jacket design unattributed but surely Alex Jardine ?

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Gret Lane     Alex Jardine

A FTER three attempts had been made upon the life of the detested Mrs. Ladd her victimized relatives sought the friendly and discreet intervention of Kate Marsh and her ex-detective colleague, John Barrin. They astutely discovered that Mrs. Ladd, to defameta dependent, had herself staged these ' attempts.' When, however, she was found shot a complex and baffling problem arose. Was she killed by design or accident ? Had she been murdered by her illegitimate son or a victim of her tyranny ? Was it suicide ? These questions were diligently pursued by the police ; but, despite threats of violence, it was Kate who, by brilliant investigation, found the correct and totally unexpected answer. This completely engrossing novel by the author of The Red Mirror Mystery provides a puzzle that will challenge the wits of the most avid reader ef detective fiction.

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