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John Rhode

Tragedy at The Unicorn

Bles 1928
Jacket artwork by Abbey

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Clayport although not one of the best-known yachting centres on the south coast, is pretty popular among the owners of small craft. The harbour is perfectly safe, and one can go away, leaving one's vessel at her moorings, with the comfortable feeling that she will come to no harm in one's absence. In fact, I often wonder that more people have not discovered the advantages of Clayport, and of that most comfortable establishment at the lower end of the old-fashioned High Street—the Unicorn Hotel. Personally, I am selfishly glad that they have not. As it is—or rather, as it was until the events which I am about to describe took place there—the Unicorn was more like a very select club than an hotel. You very rarely saw a strange face there. If you came down to spend the week-end, you could be sure that the other people staying in the house would greet you as an old acquaintance. Even the frequenters of the bar in the corner of the lounge, so ably presided over by Miss Joan, seemed never to vary from one year's end to another. Of course, the four of us who made up the crew of Levity were frequent visitors. Levity is an auxiliary ketch, of some twenty tons Thames measurement, and belongs to Bob Weldon, popularly known as The Skipper. Bob is a very keen and capable yachtsman,

John Rhode

Abbey Artist

Classic Crime Fiction

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