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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Docken Dead Macdonald 1953 US: 1954 Macmillan
Dishonoured Bones Ditto 1954 US: 1955 Macmillan
What Rough Beast Ditto 1957 US: 1957 as above
Archaeology Without a Spade Newman 1960 Non mystery
History for Postmen Neame 1961 Not criminous
The Bones of Britain Newman 1962 Non detective
Beyond the Atlas Macdonald 1963 US: 1963 ditto

Further Information
John Trench was born in England in 1920 and had one main series character who appeared in all the novels bar the last one, Martin Cotterell. He is an archaeologist which certainly gives the character scope to be plotted outside of the normal boxes. The author does indeed do that, with quality background, characters and plotting. The style is traditional English and every bit as good as many of the better known names, and in many cases better.


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